the Agile Beginning with Scrum

The first few Sprints

Although I believed this new learning would help, I failed to see the real benefit until 3 Sprints, until we have achieved a stable velocity, until we encountered changes to the scope, until I felt we were continuously learning, until I felt we are delivering direct business value and until I felt that we as a team were happier. We stopped working in Silos and we started sharing our brain which gave us better solutions, higher trust and more confidence as both individuals and as a team. The challenges we continued to face appeared to become smaller (though technically unchanged).

One of the key reasons why this implementation of Scrum was successful over a decade ago, was simple, the context

The mindset evolves

It is a quite common saying in the agile world

The level of acceptability of change might not be the same across everyone in the team

The IT services world

The IT services world has changed dramatically since the advent of the pandemic. Until few years ago, all the fancy methodologies and jargon were meant for customers, including some principles like trust, value, self-organisation, etc. Is this changing now? Yes, No, Maybe!!!

If you do not practice what you preach, how will you ever understand what the other person is going through?


Organisations can enjoy true (and economic) benefits of Agility only when they start looking are the ecosystems and not just teams.



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