Sasi K Bejjavarapu
2 min readFeb 20, 2021


the JAM

When 2020 began, all or most businesses across the world would have started-off assuming to lead their businesses in a more successful path than 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit mankind, in the first quarter, businesses entered what I would call the JAM. The „Business Adaptability” of small and large organisations were tested alike and companies that couldn’t accustom to the change have perished, some within days and some within months.

the LOSS

It’s just not businesses but the people also who have lost, they have lost their normal way of life and entered the new normal. We are now over one year living in the pandemic, adapting ourselves to the frequent changes and with no end in sight.


Adaptability by businesses and individuals can be the saviour depending on the circumstances. The rate of change in the ecosystem around us is unprecedented, one must not just adapt, but rather look at how this can be leveraged to propel one’s growth.

Until the last few years Agile was a methodology mostly relevant for a team or a group of teams on the work-surface, to continuously deliver flow of value. Not any more…


Agility is no longer a method, a model or a framework in the execution space, but the necessary culture that is needed across all functions of the organisations. This is the new „Superpower”.

The stage is already set for businesses and individuals who have this dominion to thrive. Organisations big and small are now in the transformation rush, because the race to Agility has already begun. Agile is poised to breakout…



Sasi K Bejjavarapu

Sasi is a non-linear thinker and expert in strategic and operational execution of IT Projects. He loves sharing and engaging about Agile Transformations